History of Net.Art - A 3-hour introductory workshop covering the development of internet media as a creative tool. This workshop uses Natalie Bookchin's historical document, a story of net art to explore early (1995-2000) utilization of net media as an creative tool, followed by investigations into current developments.

Interactive Media Art (8 wks) - An exploration into the use of Flash as a tool in building interactive art. The workshop begins with an overview of Flash art on the net, includes basic storyboarding, development and technical skills. Each student is expected to complete a work in class.

Rosemarie and Paul - A juxtaposition of texts by feminist disability scholar, Rosemarie Garland Thomson and cultural theorist, Paul Virilio. This 3-day workshop culminates into a scene exploring a 'virtua' meeting between Rosemarie and Paul, part of a 3-act online play.