mark(s) - an online quarterly of the arts.
mark(s) has been online since spring of 2000, gaining an international readership of over 20,000 unique viewers per issue.

The web version of VenusConstruct - uses The Birth of Venus by Boticelli as a jumping-off point to examine the effects of technology on the cultural view of femininity and identity. Originally exhibited as a large-screen computer installation at the Forum Gallery(NY) as part of the "Feminist Figure" exhibit.

chronaMora - violations in times of war
An examination of rape as a military tool -- This is a mere glance -- one would need a thousand moons... Commissioned by The Women's Media Center.

function:feminism - an overview of cyberfeminism
Created for The Feminist Art Project.

gender[f] - a site dedicated to the missing maquiladoras of Juarez
Implemented in September, 2004, gender[f] brought numerous women artists and writers togther to focus on the issues of Juarez and the parallels with the daily lives of women in varying geographic and economic venues.

intersections - project for detroit contemporary
Originally hosted by detroit contemporary art gallery, \'intersections\' invited Detroit artists to investigate the juxtaposition of streets and virtuality. With thanks to filmmaker/educator Robert Andersen for his co-curatorial work.

Rosemarie and Paul - An exploration into the meaning and placement of disability within social and cultural contexts.
The content for Rosemarie and Paul is developed in workshops. Envisioned as a 3-act virtual play, the first workshop took place at Wayne State University. The second act is currently in the planning stage.

The Wizard of Odd (WOdd) - an investigation into the history of american colonialism, created w/found online objects. Originally exhibited at Marygrove College (DETROIT) as a performance for 2 computers, dedicated to Jackson Mac Low and L. Frank Baum.

collateral assets - an online demonstration for global unity, user submitted images greatly appreciated!

Mother of All Harlots - Postcard Series - New postcards from MOAH (Mother of All Harlots) include Mother of All Harlots Vacations on Mars ONE and TWO

Mother of All Harlots Goes Shopping - originally implemented via email announcements, currently in rebuild as a stand-alone site.

favorite designs/builds for mark(s)
    Xenochrony - Hugo Ball Room (Konrad Steiner)
    Gingko - Jon Raskin
    Cigarettes - John Corbin
    Oracle - Scott Hocking
    Does one thing lead? - Steve Benson
    Things ain\'t what they used to be - Bill Harris and Allie McGhee with Faruq Z. Bey
    In a Heartbeat Loop - Jim Pallas
    Resonance - Andrea Eis
    The Games - Carla Harryman and Amy Trachtenberg
    Cups - Ken and Michael Mikolowski
    boxed/unboxed - Valerie Parks