Alley Culture, Detroit, MI (04/09) curated terraConstellate - curated by Deb King.Group show with Sue Carman Vian, Kathleen Rashid, Melanie Manos, Evonne Davis, Emma Wilcox, Francesca da Rimini, Ruth Catlow and Juliet Davis - Review of chronaMora by Michael Lithgow.

Technedonne - Il tempo del cyberfemminismo: la timeline di function:feminism by Federica Timeto. Review of function:feminism (Italian only)

e-valencia - Cyberfem revisa la creacion digital femenina contemporanea Review of Cyberfems. Feminisms on the electronic landscape (Spanish only)

Technedonne - Cyberfem. Una mostra spagnola per celebrare il cyberfemminismo by Federica Timeto. Review of Cyberfems. Feminism on the electronic landscape (Italian only) -- a review of collateral assets by Molly Hankwicz. -- Nick Sousanis on mark(s) issue 6.01. -- Nick Sousanis on intersections


Interview with Deb King, Interview by Evelin Stermitz available online on Rhizome at the New Museum. (6/08)

DETROIT: Telegraph, published (print only) by the Museum of Contemporary Art - Detroit-- Artwork includes: Telegraph Collective, Jim Shaw, Matthew Blake, Deb King, Lynne Avadenka, Anna Schutte, and Thomas Rapai. Interviews with Mike Kelly and Matthew Higgs. Prose and poetry by Andrei Cordrescu, Francis McKee, Tyrone Williams, Rebecca Brown, Dick Goody, and Ben Hernandez. (10/07)

n.paradoxica illus (Vol 19 2007) 70, (print only) illustration accompanying Katy Deepwell's interview of Ana Martinez-Collado, the curator of Cyberfem: Feminism on the Electronic Landscape'. (1/07)

DPI, issue 6 -- statement on function:feminism for its premiere at the 10th anniversary celebration of StudioXX in Montreal (4/06)

Vigil of Planetary Net Art -- an article on Amy Alexander's theBot for the VPAR's annual publication/festival(2003)

Alley Culture -- Bush Exonerated -- satire.

Zehar Magazine -- 25 editorial visions. Essay on internet publishing. Published by Arteleku (Spanish and English).